AX Fighting

AX #17 "Summer Scrap"
Saturday, June 30th, 2007
Everett Community College
A capacity crowd filled the Seaview Gymnasium to witness the 17th installment of the AxFighting Championships, and they were not disappointed.

4 Knockouts, 3 TKO's, 4 RNC's, 1 Triangle and couple of judges calls, made the 15 round card move along quickly. Here are the results:

Robert Malphrus vs (3-0) vs Brian Roberge (3-1) 170lb MMA

Robert came out hard landing the Knockout shot that dropped Brian to the canvas. Robert quickly covered Brian and started dropping the bombs that forced the ref to stop the fight.
Winner: Robert Malphrus by KO rd1

Matt Coble (0-0 Kick) vs. Raymond Cabine (0-0) 155lb Kickboxing

Matt and Raymond both exchanged hard punches throughout the quick bout. Matt dropped Raymond twice who was not able to get up after the second flurry landed by Coble.
Winner: Matt Coble by KO rd1

Christian Ortiz (0-0 Kick) vs. Ezra Cerretani (0-0) 120lb Kickboxing

A exciting fast paced match between these 120 pounders. Ezra seemed to want a boxing match, as Christian went to work early landing the right kicks.

The two fighters had many good exchanges but the kicks from Christian were just too much for the game Ezra.
Winner: Cristian Ortiz by TKO rd2

JJ Lopez (0-0) vs. Cody Murphy Hendrix (0-1) 155lb Kickboxing

JJ was all business taking the fight to Cody. Cody landed a few good shots but was unable to keep JJ off his relentless attack. JJ dropped Cody with a flurry of punches. Cody made it back to his feet only to catch a brutal hook to the jaw in the night's best KO.
Winner: JJ Lopez by KO rd1

Brett Malphrus (2-1) vs. Justin Larsen (4-4) 170lb MMA

A great back and forth battle between these 170 pounders. Justin showed a great game catching Brett in a few front chokes and getting the mount position in the 1st round but was unable to finish. In a ground scramble in the second round Brett locked in the RNC for the tap.
Winner: Brett Malphrus by RNC rd2

RJ Murphy (0-2) vs. Matt Krier (0-1) 135lb MMA

Matt's strong wrestling background was the determining factor in this bout. Matt consistently took top position and worked the GnP. RJ however showed the heart of a warrior fighting through several bombings from Krier's mount and a few RNC attempts.
Winner: Matt Krier by Judges

Taureen Washington (2-2) vs. Ben Fodor (3-0) 165lb MMA

A very close exciting match that could have easily been a draw.
Winner: Ben Fodor by Split Decision

Chris Gramlin (1-1) vs. Devin Palmer (0-1) 160lb MMA

Chris and Devin met in the center of the ring and exchange punches and knees until Chris got the takedown. Devin worked for a triangle and got the tap despite his legs being crossed in the opposite direction of the traditional triangle choke.
Winner:Devin Palmer by Triangle rd 1

Ahouse (0-3) vs. Chris Garcia (0-2) 165lb MMA

Ahouse takes the fight on only a few hours notice and looked for the takedown immediately. Garcia showed great sprawl and brawl as he effectively landed almost every technique he threw. A powerful knee from Garcia dropped Ahouse to the mat, a few more shots from over the top was all the ref needed to stop the bout.
Winner: Chris Garcia by TKO rd 1

Vern Beach (1-1) vs. Joe Carmen (0-1) Hvy Wt MMA

Carmen quickly gets the takedown but is swept by Beach. In a scramble for position Vern takes the back and sinks in the choke.
Winner: Vern Beach by RNC rd 1

Jason Reno (1-1) vs. John Grendron (0-0) 205lb MMA

Gendron was able to but Reno on the mat at will and keep him there. Somewhere in the bout Grendon was cut over both eyes and Reno tried to work for the cut stoppage. Reno showed good heart and Gendron showed that he is now a contender in the 205lb division.
Winner: John Grendon by Un. Decision

Luke Pitman (2-0) vs. Colby Hoffman (2-4) 145lb MMA

Colby's standup game seemed to keep Luke's offense off balance. Once Pitman got the fight to the ground in the second round he was able to control the brawler and methodically work in the RNC.
Winner: Luke Pitman by RNC rd 2

Bobby Brokenshire (2-1) vs.Nick Karls (1-1) 145lb MMA

Great showing for Brokenshire, quick takedown, followed by a pass to side control, and unloaded with punches earned Bobby the KO.
Winner: Bobby Brokenshire by KO rd 1

Zlako Jupic (0-0) vs. Joe Miles (0-0) 205lb MMA

The 44 year old Zlako starts off strong, and taunts Joe with various hand gestures throughout this very unusual fight. Joe seemed to have a very hard time adjusting to Zlako's fight antic's, but was able to get the takedown several times and do some damage. Zlako doesn't answer the bell for the 3rd due to exhaustion.
Winner: Joe Miles by TKO rd 3 (Jupic doesn't answer the bell

Alex Zuniga (5-1) vs. Alberto SantaCruz (5-2) for the 135lb MMA Belt

A great main event between these two fighters. All action for two solid rounds. Alex fought through 2 front chokes and delivered some ground and pound. Alberto kept his wits about him and sunk in the RNC at the end of round 2, forcing Zuniga to tap out mili-seconds before the end of the round. Alberto Santa Cruz is the second muli-weight division title holder in AX Fighting history.
Winner: Alberto Santa Cruz by RNC rd 2