AX Fighting

AX#22 "Last Man Standing"
Saturday, August 16th, 2008
Edmonds Community College
A capacity crowd filled the Edmonds Community College Saturday, August 16th as fighters from as far away as Hawaii met to do battle in the AX ring for the right to be called "Champion". Here are the results:

Christian Ortiz Def. Kevin Demello by tko rd 1

Christian landed a hook- cross combo that dropped the hawaiian fighter that seemed to injur his knee.

Edwin Giddings def. Aaron Lindoff by RNC rd 1

Edwin secured a quick takedown and quickly moved to rear mount to secure a RNC.

Chad Douglas def. Arvin Panalasaguie by RNC rd 2

In a great back and forth battle, Arvin used his quick kicks and flying punches to keep Douglas at a distance, even dropping the wrestler with a superman punch. Chad answered with a nice takedown, slamming the BJJ Brown belt to the canvas. In rd 2, Chad passed Arvin's guard to work the GnP which opened up the opportunity for Chad to sink in the RNC.

Kyle Welch def. Chris Allen by TKO rd 3.

In a heavyweight clash that went back and forth for several rounds, Kyle secured the mount position and reigned down punches to earn the ref stoppage.

Zack Peterson vs. Jeff Sweeney was a "No Contest"

The two brawlers came out throwing heavy hands at each other when Jeff "The Swinger" Sweeney dropped Zack with a nice combo. Jeff then threw an illegal kick on the ground, of which Zach could not recover. So, the match was ruled a No-contest.

Brian Mattingly def. Jeff Hoiby.

The opening moments of the bout saw the two fighters reverse each other for position. When the dust settled, Mattingly was in high mount dropping heavy hands to earn the TKO.

Mario Sandoval def. Roman Wheeler by Decision.

These two debut fighters came out to deliver an exciting back and forth match. Mario seemed to be stronger of the two as he muscled his way out of some nice submission attempts and weathered the punishing leg kicks of Wheeler to earn the nod.

Brandon Bell def. Victor Barajas by Decision.

A very close Grappler vs Striker match. Brandon got the nod for his takedowns and Gnp, but Victor did his share of damage too, almost dropping Bell several times with nice punches. One of those fights where it's a shame that only one fighter can be declared winner. Congrats to both guys on a great fight!

Sara Weeks Def. Allison Russell by TKO rd 2.

The girls kickboxing match lit up the gym as the two warriors stood toe to toe and worked for every second of the fight. Sara's aggressive style and powerful punches were just too much for the game Allison, dropping her once for an 8-count, and then a brutal combo in the corner that forced the ref to call the fight.

Jonny Gilbertson def. Jorge Gaitan by decision.

I could not tell if I was at a fight or a body building contest- when these two undefeated 145lb wrestlers stepped into the Ring. The fighters fought hard

with much of the fight in the clinch- but in the end it was Jonny's 5 takedowns and Gnp that earned him the fight.

Ryan Bognar def. Lance Hutchins by KO rd 1.

Ryan dropped Lance with a heavy puch after some dancing around. Lance made it back up to his feet only to be dropped again.

Demetrious Johnson def. Jose Garza by Armbar rd 2.

DJ kept his AX fighting title with his quick hands and much improved ground game.