AX Fighting

AX Fighting #29
Saturday, April 17th, 2010
Edmonds Community College
Devin Palmer defeats Brian Shade via TKO in round 1 of a 145 lb MMA fight:

Leif Rowberg defeats Matt Luxon by RNC round 2 of a 170 lb MMA Fight:

Joel Rydzak defeats Alvin Matic by Dec. Rd 3 of a 135 lb MMA Fight:

Matt Davis wins over Jager by dec in rd 3 of a 155 lb MMA match:

Kyle Ozechowski defeats Travis Main by TKO rd 2 of a 145 lb MMA FIght:

Chris Garcia defeats Ben Morgan by TKO in rd 1 of a 170 lb MMA bout:

Ken Alexander defeats 0-0 Wes Koa by Dec. Rd 3 in a 215 lb MMA FIght:

Anthony Zender defeats Juan Esqiuvel by Dec rd 3 of a 145 lb MMA Fight:

Chaz Fernandez defeats Clinton Jenkins by Dec Rd 3 in a 125 lb San Shou bout:

Ben Wada defeats Jorey Taylor by front choke in RD 1 in a 135 lb MMA Match:

Zach Teter defeats Jake Fletcher by RNC rd 1 in a 145 lb MMA Fight:

Ben Morgan defeats Ryan Gates by armbar RD 2 in a 153 Catch Weigh MMA Bout:

JJ Lopez defeats Jake Clary by TKO (Towel) in Rd 5 for the Muay Thai Title: