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Cage Wars - Knockout at the Nile #5
Saturday, September 18th, 2010
geWarsMMA returns to the Nile Temple in Mountlake Terrace on September 18th. Dont miss this night of fights with brews from the Ellersick Brewery. 1/2 the proceeds from this event go to the Shriner's Childrens hospitals.

Carl Edwards(6-2) (Challenger, Bremerton) vs Kade Lindstrom(8-0, Everett) (Champion) 185 lb title.

Kale Bradford(6-5, Everett) vs Drew Brokenshire(10-2, Kirkland) for the 145 title.

Dane Drake(0-0, Bremerton) vs Taylor Nakamura(0-2, Everett) in a 155 lb Match

Jake Furney (2-0, Everett) vs Ryan Schmetze (3-0, Bremerton) in a 155 lb fight

Eligo Vargas(1-0, Lynnwood) vs Rusty Sherman(0-0) in a 175 match

Chris Goforth (0-0, Kirkland) vs Will Smith(0-0, Sunnyside) in a 170 match

Jessie Carillo (0-2, Kennewick) vs Ricky Sally (0-0, Bremerton) in a 125 lb match

Joshua Callis (1-0, Tacoma) vs Jordan Stern (2-2, Arlington) in a 210 lb match

Brad Fullwood (0-2, Everett) vs Kris Zorer (0-1, Kirkland) in a 135 lb Match

Billy Walker (Everett) vs Scotty Stillwell(Lake Stevens) in a 155 grappling match

Amy Cadwell (1-0, Everett) vs Diana Florez (0-0, Sunnyside) in a 125 lb Women's Match

Mike Thomas (2-2, Bremerton) vs Zack Teter (4-1, Arlington) in a 155 lb Match

Chaz Hernandez (1-1, Shoreline) vs Chris Weaton (2-4, Burlington) in a 125 lb Match