AX Fighting

AX Fighting #37
Saturday, March 10th, 2012
Edmonds Community College

Ben Wada Defeated Luis Contreras via TKO rd 2 for the 125 lb title

David Ahto Defeated Clinton Jenkins via TKO rd 2 for the Superfight

Cheryl Chan Defeated Priscilla White via RNC rd 1

Victor Barajas Defeated Rob Dyer via Dec in OT rd 4

Donovan Hernandez Drew Mike Ingersoll in a submission only match

Jon Hanes defeated Brian King via dec rd

Shane Grenko defeated Clay Rayment via KO rd 1

Lorenzo Collings vs Mike Olson ruled a No Contest.

Arky Garcia defeated Carlos Rolon via dec rd 3

Ryan Teter defeated Brandon Monte via Triangle rd 2

Lyndon Hirai Defeated Jose Ramirez Via tko rd 1

Ryan Schecterson defeated Scott Atkinson via Dec rd 3

James Trochowski Defeated David Correa via TKO rd 1

Grant Gorsegner Defeated Rohje Sision via Tapout to strikes rd 2

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